Previously: the XRPL Rich List

This project (XRP Ledger Rich List) is no more.

While this website receives a lot of traffic by curious XRP Ledger account holders, maintaining this project consumed more and more time. With more XRP Ledger account holders, to keep this website from going down (or showing old data) this project would have to be scaled up. More infrastructure, code changes, etc. This would require a significant chunk of my time.

Time I don't have. Or rather: time I have but choose to spend on building other things, like XRPL Labs, and with the entire XRPL Labs team: XUMM and the entire XUMM + XRP Ledger ecosystem.

Because I believe focus is important, and because I don't want to deliver a half baked user experience with outdated info, I felt it was time to take this project down. I'm certain other developer in this ecosystem will pick up where this project left off. Some existing websites showing statistics are: XRPL Services, xrpintel.com, threexrp.dev, XRPScan Metrics, XRPL Metrics

There is no conspiracy to e.g. hide information here: all information on the XRP Ledger is public anyway. Anyone with some coding skills can fetch all information, and the source code to fetch the information to build this project is available on my Github.

I hope you understand my decision,